Our Roles in God’s Story, Claire Fromke ‘FF01

Claire Fromke ‘FF01
Wheaton College

I love story work, and reflecting on my life and how God has been working through it has been one of the many joys I’ve shared in as a member of Franklin Fellows. One of the themes that keeps popping up in my life is the flexibility of roles. In every season, setting, and community, we are called to different roles at different times. I’ve played the hero, sidekick, mentor, ally, and many more. God has taught me something different about myself in each role. In keeping with that theme, I wanted to create something that properly represented my fellowship story. Just as I have played many roles, so have my classmates played a diverse cast in my life. I’ve created a graphic that lists each fellow’s role in my story so far. I’ve included brief descriptions of each role below, and I am incredibly thankful to each of them for the parts they’ve played in my life. 

The guardian: one who loves and protects
The storyteller: one who captivates and expounds
The apprentice: one who supports and plays
The conscience: one who guides and cares
The ally: one who befriends and advocates
The competitor: one who revels and spars
The artist: one who creates and empowers
The bard: one who amuses and amazes
The scholar: one who knows and shares
The sage: one with insight and empathy
The captain: one who trailblazes and motivates
The wayfarer: one who explores and delights