Fellows Charter Class (2021-22)

Evan benbow

Hometown: Ambler, PA
School: Grove City College
Major: Biblical and Religious Studies
Job Host: Christ Community Church C3 Students

“I wanted to become a Fellow because the massive amount of growth I had seen in others who became Fellows. I wanted to surround myself with a community that would encourage me to continue my walk with Christ as well as help me become involved in a Church body. The main reason I wanted to become a Fellow was because of desires aligning with the goals of the Fellows. I wanted to grow spirituality, in maturity as a young man, and become a part of a larger community that works for the betterment of Christ’s kingdom. That is exactly what I found in the Fellows.”

Keri Bumgarner

Hometown: Stafford, VA
School: University of Virginia
Major: Psychology
Job Host: Mercy Community

“I chose to become a Fellow because I felt God was leading me into something new but I did not know what that could be. I had spent two years working after college and still found myself unsure of my calling. The Fellows Program offered me a chance to explore my passions and skills, while also being in genuine fellowship with peers and rooted in a church community. When deciding where to move, Franklin had it all– a small town spirit with big city perks! My decision to become a Franklin Fellow was a step of faith and humility in a season of my life filled with uncertainty. The Lord has promised good to me, and I am confident that my time as a Fellow will be a part of that.”

Morgan MacEldowney

Hometown: Summerfield, NC
School: NC State University
Major: Business Administration and Marketing
Job Host: Lucas Orthodontic Group

“I chose to be a Fellow because I wasn’t sure where God was calling me to next in my career. I knew the transition out of college would be difficult and I wanted it to be a meaningful time of growth. The more I heard about The Fellows Initiative, the more I felt like it was designed
for someone like me!”

taylor simon

Hometown: Eldersburg, Maryland
School: Virginia Weslyan University
Major: International Business
Job Host: YourEnneagramCoach.com

“I chose to become a fellow because I felt that after college there was not a great example to follow for finding and creating a healthy community. I felt that Fellows modeled what this should look like as a young adult really well. I also wanted to be surrounded by people who would
encourage me to keep growing in my faith and were pursuing that for themselves as well.”

grace tinsley

Hometown: Cedar Park (Austin), TX
School: Wheaton College
Major: Biology
Job Host: Mercy Community Healthcare

“After college, I knew I needed time to slow down and discern my next steps. I chose to be a Fellow to pursue a year of holistic growth with an encouraging community of believers. I hoped to gain work experience, be intellectually challenged, and grow personally, relationally, and spiritually. It’s the best way I could have chosen to spend the year!”

harry buehrle

Hometown: Modesto, CA
School: Grove City College
Major: Biochemistry and Classical Studies
Job Host: Mercy Community Healthcare

Hometown: Modesto, CA
School: Grove City College
Major: Biochemistry and Classical Studies
Job Host: Mercy Community Healthcare

“I chose the Franklin Fellows because I wanted to spend a productive year growing professionally and spiritually before pursuing graduate school. The Franklin Fellows synthesized many of my interests (medicine, Early Church History, professional development, and service to the global Church) into one single program. I have loved my Fellows year so far and am so excited for the many opportunities still ahead!”

Jonathan Dixon

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
School: Baylor University
Major: Finance & Entrepreneurship
Job Host: Sevan Multi-Site Solutions

“After college, I wanted to grow my professional career, while also living in a community of other Christians in the same stage of life as me. It’s great to get plugged into a church and city as a young adult.”

graham pergande

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
School: Washington & Lee University
Major: Psychology & Creative Writing
Job Host: Cumberland Heights, ARCH Academy

“I chose Franklin Fellows because I felt called to a year focused on pursuing my relationship with Christ, where my gifts would be used for God’s glory. My long-term goal is to become a therapist, but in order to pour out into those that are struggling the most I need a church community pouring into me. That community cannot exist without a deep connection and dependence on God’s love. I found that Christian community at Franklin Fellows.”

Sarah Daley

Hometown: Fishersville, VA
School: University of Virginia
Major: Global Studies, Public Policy & Leadership
Job Host: Barefoot Republic

“As a recent college graduate, I knew that there was still so much for me to learn, so much for me to discern. Because of this, I chose to complete the Franklin Fellows program to dive deeper into my own story and the stories of others as I reflect on what the Lord may desire for me and my life, especially surrounding my future vocation and my role within His greater picture. I want to develop a greater awareness and understanding of how I can use my unique gifts, talents, and passions within the workplace and in community and how within this space, I can be a reflection of His love and mercy. In short, I want to grow. I want to learn. And I want to love Him more deeply and humbly and grow in being a representative of His love, light, and grace.”

Grace Westfall

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
School: Vanderbilt University
Major: Child Development & Medicine Health, Society
Job Host: High Hopes Development Center

“I chose Fellows to be steeped in rich community, spiritual formation, and personal development. I’m grateful to both constantly engage in Fellows and simultaneously pause to cultivate new meanings for work and faith and their intersection. This is the place where the line falls away between secular and sacred and they become entirely intertwined, which I believe to be true of every space I enter. I am excited for how this year will seep into every next step in my life from future career paths to potential graduate degree programs to engaging children in a clinical setting.”

Claire Fromke

Hometown: Concord (Charlotte), NC
School: Wheaton College
Major: Graphic Design
Job Host: Christ Community Church, Communication Department

“I chose to become a Franklin Fellow because during the interview process, the Lord really revealed to me his plan for my future through the conversations I had with staff and board members.”

Elly Anderson

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
School: Wake Forest University
Major: Psychology
Job Host: Christ Community Church Worship Team/ Project Management

“I wanted to learn more about how to be Christ-like in all aspects of my life. The opportunity to do this and be in community, walking aside men and women who love, serve, and work in pursuit of the kingdom was too good to pass up!”