Program Overview

Through a 9 month curriculum, the Franklin Fellows program provides recent graduates and young professionals with work experience, theological training, and a church community.

These components help Fellows begin their careers, understand the interplay of their work with God's coming kingdom, and grow into leaders within the body of Christ.

The program is hosted by Christ Community Church and rooted in Franklin, Tennessee. Fellows will serve in and through the church to learn to belong in their local community and to see God's will worked out in daily life and work.

The program is divided into a Fall and Spring semester and runs from the end of August through May of the following year. Program fees are $6,950 for the year which Fellows are encouraged to fundraise.

Fall Semester

Fall builds the foundation of the Fellows' understanding of their work and calling through:

  • Retreats
  • Hutchmoot
  • Weekly worship and service at Christ Community Church
  • Work at their Job Hosts
  • Time spent with their Host Families
  • Classes and programming

Spring Semester

Spring synthesizes the Fellows' learning, experiences, and continued work into a vision for their personal and professional growth in Christ as they graduate from the program through:

  • Closing retreats
  • Capstone presentation for their job hosts
  • Colony Sessions
  • Continued work at their Job Hosts
  • Time spent with their Host Families
  • Closing classes and programming